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Camp Zanika is a youth summer camp that provides children, grades 1-12, an opportunity to live beneath the trees, learn under the stars and experience the wonder of the great outdoors.  With Camp Zanika adventures happen everyday in a fun, safe environment, designed to build community and help youth develop a sense of who they are and what they can become. On the shores of beautiful Lake Wenatchee, Camp Zanika is the ideal location for kids to learn new skills, have fun, and make friends & memories that will last a lifetime.

Safety is our number one goal. As an American Camping Association (ACA) accredited camp we have meet over 300 industry standards. All staff are CPR & First Aid trained, go through numerous background checks, and are required to attend staff training.

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Session 1: Space Rodeo

Sunday, June 23 – Saturday, June 29

(Availability – Boys 32 ; Girls 24)

Ages 6-17


Howdy partner! Saddle up for an intergalactic adventure with us!. Do Aliens exist? Did the cow really jump over the moon? Find out here this week at Camp Zanika. We’re turning the universe into our very own cosmic corral, where the stars are our cattle and the galaxies are our rodeo arenas.

Disclaimer: you do not need to be an astronaut to attend this session.

Session 2: Holidays 

Sunday, June 30 – Saturday, July 6

(Availability – Boys 34 ; Girls 20)

Ages 6-17


Have yourself a very Zanika Christmas, let your heart be full. Get ready to be swept away by the enchantment of the seasons. There will be ghouls eating hotdogs, Parties and dancing. So grab your costumes, meet us on the dance floor.

Monday: Halloween

Tuesday: Christmas

Wednesday: Valentines Day

Thursday: Fourth of July

Friday: April Fools

Leaders In Training One: Two Week Leadership Program 

Sunday, June 30 – Saturday, July 13

(Availability – Boys 6 ; Girls  7 )

Ages 14-15


First Week: Holidays Second Week: Spirit Week

Get Ready to unlock your leadership potential here at Camp Zanika’s Leaders in Training session for first year LIT’s. In our two-week LIT program your teen will learn about themselves, and how to communicate and interact with others more effectively. LIT’s get to experience all the fun camp has to offer while gaining valuable life skills, and making friends that last a lifetime.

Session 3: Spirit Week

Sunday, July 7 – Saturday, July 13

(Availability – Boys 7 ; Girls 6)

Ages 6-17


Get ready for a week full of energy, enthusiasm, and endless fun – it’s Spirit Week at Camp Zanika! We’re turning up the excitement with a lineup of spirited activities and themed dress-up days that’ll ignite your creativity and showcase your unique flair.

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Super Hero Day

Wednesday: Celebrity Lookalike Day

Thursday: Crazy Hat Day

Friday: Camp Zanika Day

Counselor In Training: Spirit 

Sunday, July 7 – Saturday, July 13

(Availability – Boys 6 ; Girls 2)

Ages 16-17


The CIT program gives teens a well-rounded experience developing skills in multiple areas. including hands-on experience in the operations of camp: planning and leading an All Camp Event. Along with the one full week of training, CITs get the chance to return to camp any additional session they would like and shadow a staff member, gaining hands-on experience at no additional cost. 

Session 4: Color Splash

Monday, July 15 – Saturday, July 20

(Availability – Boys  16 ; Girls 2)

Ages 6-17


Are you ready for a fun colorful week? Work together to outwit the opponents in our scavenger hunt, battle it out in our annual color splash games. Who will prevail and come out on top? Let the games begin!

Leaders In Training Two : Two Week Leadership Program 

Monday, July 15 – Saturday, July 27

(Availability – Boys 2 ; Girls 2)

Ages 14-15


First Week: Colorsplash Second Week: Next Contestant

Get Ready to unlock your leadership potential here at Camp Zanika’s Leaders in Training session for Second year LIT’s. In our two-week LIT program your teen will learn about themselves, and how to communicate and interact with others more effectively. LIT’s get to experience all the fun camp has to offer while gaining valuable life skills, and making friends that last a lifetime.

Session 5: Next Contestant

Sunday, July 21 – Saturday, July 27

(Availability – Boys 24 ; Girls 10)

Ages 6-17


Come on down and test your knowledge, choose your fate, battle it out, strive for glory! Will you have to phone a friend? Who will cross the finish line first? Ready, set, go!  Survey says you’ll have a ton of fun this week at Camp Zanika

Session 6: Harry Potter

Sunday, July 28 – Saturday, Aug 3

(Availability – Boys 22 ; Girls 6)



This is a session you do not want to miss!  Leave your muggle past behind you. Gryffindor? Slytherin? Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw? Which Hogwarts house will you be placed in? Join us as we embrace the magical world of JK Rowling. This week campers will participate in the Triwizard tournament, make fun potions, attend the yule ball, and play quidditch! Tons of fun activities that will let your imagination run wild throughout the week.

Session 7: Pirates

Sunday, Aug 4 – Saturday, Aug 10

(Availability – Boys 4 ; Girls 8)

Ages 6-17


Ahoy mateys! It’s that time of the year again for adventures on the High Seas of Lake Wenatchee. Pirates everywhere have been spotted on our shores, ready to run amuck among the landlubbers. This fun-filled week has lots of fun activities, such as finding the hidden treasure, walking the plank, camp-wide coin hunt, pirate crafts, and many more!

Extended Stay: Two week stay, including weekend

Sunday, Aug 4 – Saturday, Aug 17

(Availability – Boys 2 ; Girls – FULL

Ages 12-17


First Week: Pirates Second Week: Best Week Ever


Session 8: Best Week Ever

Sunday, Aug 11 – Saturday, Aug 17

(Availability – Boys 3 ; Girls 8)

Ages 6-17


This week will be your wildest adventure yet, enjoy a little bit of everything to wrap up the end of the summer season (please don’t bring any “nice” clothes to this session, clothes will be trashed) Spread your wings, test the waters, let your feelers feel, get ready, get set, go.

Mini Week: Dinosaurs and Princesses

Sunday, Aug 18 – Wednesday, Aug 21

(Availability – Boys 24  ; Girls 16)

Ages 6-13


Once upon a time, long long ago, princesses and dinosaurs coexisted together peacefully. Travel back in time with us to the prehistoric magical kingdom that is Camp Zanika. Tis a wonderful week for 1st time campers to dip their toes into the world of camp. Enjoy all the same fun activities in a shorter week.

Every week at our youth summer camp is new and exciting no matter the camper’s age or program you register for. Our staff work with each cabin group to create a unique experience. At Camp Zanika campers may have the opportunity to do the following activities:

Archery ~ Tie Dye ~ Boating ~ Camp Fires ~ Ropes Course (5th grade & up) ~ Arts & Crafts ~ Fishing ~ Hiking ~ Swimming ~ Games ~ Rafting (fee) ~ Cookouts ~ Backpacking ~ Horseback Riding(fee) and so much more.

Add-On Activities

**Limited space available for Add-on Programs**

Horseback Riding $65 - Ages 7 & Up - Sessions: All
Ages 7 & up Sessions: All 45 minute trail ride with Icicle outfitters at Lake Wenatchee State Park.
Additional form required.
River Rafting $120 - Ages 11 & Up - Sessions: All
Ages 11 & Up Sessions: 1-8
A half day rafting trip on the Icicle River with Orion River Rafting
Additional form required.
Archery Camp $75 - Grades 5-8 - Sessions: 1 & 2 & 7
Grades 5-8 Sessions: 1 & 2 & 7. Archery everyday! Campers spend extra time working on their archery skills.
Culinary Camp $75 - Grades 3-7 -Sessions: 5 & 8
Grades 3-7  Session: 5     Grades 8-12 Session: 8  ~  Learn some of the basics of cooking and test out fun recipes, in the Camp Zanika kitchen.


 “When I, as a nervous mom, approached counselors and advisors with my oh-so-many questions, they met me with honest and open answers. I felt at ease sending my 7 year old son there. He had so much fun, he asked to go back a second time that year!”

– Jayma M



Camp Fire NCW Outdoor Philosophy 

As in all Camp Fire USA programs, youth development outcomes reflect the program philosophy and provide the framework for program design in the outdoor setting.

Youth development outcomes are the benefits young people receive, or the changes in their behavior, skills, knowledge, attitudes, values, condition, or other attributes through participation in a program. The following outcomes that we try to achieve provide the foundation for the design of all outdoor programs:

  • Greater self-awareness and positive values
  • Increased social skills and sense of belonging
  • Increased knowledge of and appreciation for the natural environment
  • Increased sense of competency and empowerment
  • Develop and maintain active and healthy lifestyle habits
  • Engage in positive interactions with other children and adults
  • Develop and build leadership skills
  • Demonstrate civic engagement and stewardship
  • Campers develop a awareness to the environment and their ecological footprint.



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Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

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