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Youth United


Our Mission: To provide a platform for youth of all backgrounds and abilities to serve their community and gain leadership experiences through volunteerism.

What is Youth United?

Youth United is a unique, locally sponsored program that encourages and rewards students grades 9-12 for volunteering within their community. Over the course of the program year, students who volunteer a total of 145 hours or more are eligible to receive a varsity letter in community service. The program year runs from April 1st to March 31st of each year.


“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

— Audrey Hepburn

Youth United History in NCW

Since the program’s conception in 2009, Youth United has been an asset for our community. In 2020 Youth United Community Partners was created to collaborate and keep this program strong for our communities. The idea behind Youth United was to recognize, reward, and encourage volunteering among the young people of the Greater Wenatchee Valley. Youth United aims to offer programs that promote community awareness and service along with responsibility and accountability in our youth. By joining the Youth United movement, young people can connect with meaningful volunteer opportunities, develop leadership skills, advocate for important issues, and earn recognition for their service.


Community Partners:

Camp Fire NCW, Children’s Home Society of Washington, Chamber of Commerce, NCW Community Foundation, Educational Services District, SkillSource, and Wenatchee Valley YMCA.

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By joining youth united young people can connect with meaningful volunteer opportunities and become leaders. Most importantly youth will advocate for important issues and earn recognition for their service. It is an opportunity to discover and develop skills and best of all, have fun!


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Young people want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

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