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Going to Camp

Sending your child to camp for the first time can be very difficult and stressful for everyone. So to help ease the transition below are articles and websites that we hope will help you and your child prepare to embark on the adventure of a lifetime (even if you are both a  little nervous about it)

Helpful Links:

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Preparing Your Child for Sleep-Away Camp

Summer Camp Guide for Parents

Homesickness How to Prevent, How to Cope, Prescription for Camper Homesickness

Homesick CampersLearn when to tell your summer camper to hang in there and when to go get them

Some tips from experts in the camping world to help prepare for  camp:

  • Breathe! – It is perfectly normal to experience at least some reluctance in letting go, some distress while your camper is away. Our children define a big part of who we are. When our campers are away we can be at loose ends. Consider planning something interesting or special to do while your camper is away, a change of pace, your own summer camp experience at home.
  • Confidence– Convey confidence in your child’s ability to thrive at camp. Some degree of “separation anxiety” – is perfectly normal. Children can sense whether we believe they will be successful at going away. Making rescue plans,  telling them they can come home if they are not having fun, causes doubt in campers and often they become fixated on it. Instead talk about how brace they are and how proud you are of them.  Be proud of your child’s self-confidence. Think positive, it is contagious
  • Practice, practice, practice – Let your child practice spending the night away with grandparents and friends.
  • Build up camp– Talk about the fun that your camper will have living with friends under the trees, led by young adults passionate about nurturing kids and teaching skills that will last a lifetime. Imagine with your camper the adventures that they will have
  • Problem solve – Problem solve with your camper by using “what if” situations to prepare for unexpected events. What if you lose your baseball glove? What if you don’t get along with another child? What if you don’t feel well? Let your child brainstorm for solutions and make sure they know the “chain of command” at camp for handling problems.



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