There is always something that needs doing around camp. We can always use help in building maintenance, groundskeeping, and other projects. Whether you help repair a picnic table, fix steps, or do some raking, your help is greatly valued.  Your help benefits the youth we serve by keeping our costs down, allowing more youth to attend summer camp.

If you would like to volunteer or find out more information about it, fill out our volunteer application request here, or contact us!

Business/Group Clean-up Days

With something always needing to be done at Camp Zanika, volunteering at camp is a great community service opportunity for businesses & groups.  Our Adopt a Cabin program is also a great way for local groups and businesses to help.  For groups further away, accommodations on camp can be arranged in advance.  If this sounds like something you or a group that you know would like to do, please contact us.

Spring Clean Up

Come help camp get ready for summer!  We are in need of help of all shapes and kinds. Bring your rakes, gloves, tools, work clothes and anything else you might need.  Lunch will be provided, along with Coffee.  If you have questions or would like some more information about attending our Spring Clean up Contact us HERE

May 16th @ Camp Zanika 9am – 5pm

Fall Clean Up

Our Fall clean up is a great way to get up to camp and help get ready to endure the winter ahead.

October  24th @ Camp Zanika 9am – 5pm

Come up to Camp Zanika and help us get ready for the winter. There are jobs of all shapes and sizes for all types of people! Raking, cleaning, fixing things, putting equipment away, moving beds, and more! Lunch will be provided, along with coffee in the morning.

Housing is available for both spring and fall cleanups.  Email to let us know if you would like to come up early or stay late.


Contact us!
To find out more about volunteering, donating or attending an event

Without the help from donors and volunteers  we would not be able to provide quality programs and a wonderful summer camp experience to youth of all ages.

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