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Camp Zanika Communication Information 

Visitors & Phone Calls

Visitors are permitted in camp only with the approval of the director. For the security of your child and others, we require at least 2 days advanced notice for visits, so that the Camp Fire office can run background checks. All visitors are Required to check in/out at the camp office and must wear a visitor’s pass while on site. Costs for guest meal: $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch, and $15 for dinner.

The camp experience is a way for children to develop a greater sense of independence. Therefore, no phone is available for campers to routinely make or receive calls. However, should your child need to call home, staff will arrange a time and together with the camper, they will make the call home. Personal cell phones are not allowed at camp and will be confiscated until the end of camp.

Emergency Information

The camp telephone is for emergency use only. In the event you need to contact the Camp Director, you can call Camp at (509)763.3649.

Non-Emergency Calls

Call camp fire at (509)663.1609  to have a message relayed. Summer office hours vary, so please leave a detailed message if you cannot reach us.

Severe Weather & Fire

For weather, fire and other natural/manmade emergencies Camp Zanika has extensive emergency procedures that were developed with the help of local emergency agencies and the National Forest Service. Our staff receive thorough training on the procedures during staff training, and do numerous practice simulations of the various procedures. We are in constant contact with the National Forest Service and local emergency agencies, who inform us of any danger. Please do not call the camp or drive to camp if there is a potential emergency. Phones lines need to be kept clear for emergency use and there is only one road. Parents will be contacted by phone if there is any potential threat to camp.

Communication after Camp and Beyond

Camp Zanika recognizes that camper and staff develop close, trusting relationships with one another at camp and that these relationships are healthy, wholesome and beneficial to campers and staff alike. We also recognize that it is natural for campers to want to keep in touch with staff after camp. As an organization, however Camp Zanika cannot take responsibility for what may occur as a result of such contact. Staff are trained to not contact campers privately, and are discourage from befriending them on social media websites.

Campers often develop positive mentor relationships with camp staff, and may want to keep in touch after summer. We have set up a communication format that benefits and protects both campers and seasonal staff.

Here’s how it works: If your child would like to contact a staff member, please help them write a letter to that person, and mail it to the Camp Fire NCW Office ( PO BOX 1734, Wenatchee WA , 98807) . We’ll forward the letter to the staff member, and encourage them to write back. Staff responses are mailed to the Camp Fire office, and then forwarded to you. This system keeps communication linked to camp after both campers and staff are no longer on-site. It also encourages campers to write letters – a skill we feel is important for kids to practice.

We ask seasonal staff to not communicate with campers via the Internet, phone, or in person, since this is not monitored by camp. Please help us support this policy, for the security of both your child and our staff members. Summer camp is a special experience, and these measures keep it that way all year.

Mail and Packages

Campers are permitted to receive letters and postcards that can be sent with 1-2 first class stamps. Oversized envelopes and packages, which require more than 1-2 stamps will not be accepted
No Packages Campers are not allowed to receive any packages while at camp. Please make sure to let your relatives and friends know not to send your child a package while at camp, but encourage them to send letters and postcards.

Mail can be dropped off at the check-in table on Sunday for delivery during the week. This is a great option because it saves you on postage, and ensures that your child’s mail will arrive on time.

Allow at least 7 days for your mail to reach Camp Zanika. If a camper’s mail arrives at Camp before they do, it WILL be held and delivered once they arrive. Any mail received after a child has left Camp will be marked “Return to Sender.

Camp Zanika is not responsible for any packages or letters that become lost in the mail or are never received. Our mail carriers have been informed. Forgotten item: If there is something important such as glasses, clothing, or toiletry item that your child forgets you may contact the Camp Fire Office to arrange delivery. Why the no Package policy? We have determined that packages lead to unnecessary stress for our camp parents, campers, camp staff, and our poor mail carrier. Some parents have, in the past, felt obligated to send their child one (or more) packages, so that their child does not feel left out or be the only one who does to receive a package. Other parents have opted to send large packages with items for every child in the cabin. In both cases, the items received in the packages have created large volumes of trash, have often ended up un-opened and un-used (since our camp schedule is busy), and have made it difficult for our campers when packing to return home. Packages also can be a source of disappointment for those campers who did not receive anything from home.

Camp Address:
For Letters only
Camper Name & Cabin name
16400 Cedar Brae
Leavenworth, Wa 98826

Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

Light the fire within