Camp Fire’s new clubs are held throughout the school year, in small clubs that meet weekly. Each club is composed of a trained staff member. The curriculum consists of our new curriculum (very similar to our existing) mixed with some of our other award winning curriculum.


Cost for a youth to participate in 8 months of Camp Fire Club is the initial registration fee of $20.00 and $18.00 per month. October- May


The registration form is Here.


Volunteer-led clubs and staff led use the Camp Fire curriculum and attend all Council sponsored events.


Camp Fire Club Programs have 4 important qualities:

  • Progression: As the youth get older, they do more complex and challenging activities
  • Variety: The club program develops the whole child and includes a wide range of activities and skill development
  • Partnership between Youth and Adults: Both leaders and youth members are involved in making decisions for the club
  • Rewards and Recognition: Camp Fire youth are recognized for their participation and achievements. This helps to build self-esteem and pride!

 Each program level teaches responsibility, decision-making, and other valuable skills through a variety of projects centered around five focus areas called Trails, along with national projects offered.

Through participation in Camp Fire programs, kids will:

  • Develop knowledge and appreciation for the natural world
  • Develop and build leadership skills
  • Acquire and improve their social and emotional learning skills
  • Develop skills for academic and workplace success
  • Value people of diverse backgrounds and abilities
  • Demonstrate civic engagement and stewardship
  • Develop and maintain active and healthy lifestyle habits
  • Be empowered with a sense of purpose and optimism for the future.


How does the club program work?

What will my child do in club meetings?

Where and when do clubs meet?

How large are the clubs?

How much does it cost?

What are the club levels?

Are there uniforms ?

How do I Volunteer?

What is the difference between Camp Fire, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts?

How can I find out more information and/or get started?

How does the club program work? 

Youth move progressively through Camp Fire’s club according to their grade levels. The club program, which youth may join at any age, offers a mix of fun activities, service projects, events and experiences to help develop planning skills, decision-making skills, and skills related to participants’ individual interests. Clubs are very flexible and can be tailored to fit the interests of each group!

What will my child do in club meetings?

Camp Fire’s club program has five trails which youth do various programs from. These trails help to form positive healthy values, attitudes and skills. Activities include: Arts & Crafts, Camping, Outdoor skills, leadership development, songs, games, giving service to others, cooking, dramatic play and field trips.
Youth help decide which trails they would like to follow in their club and earn emblems and beads upon completion of trail activities. They also learn the value of ceremony and recognition as a way of reflecting upon their accomplishments.

Where and when do clubs meet?

Each club is different. They meet on a regular basis, arranged to fit the schedules of it’s members and leaders. Meetings may be held at a school, a leader’s home or in other community locations.

How large are the clubs?

The average club size is 6-10 youth. There must be 2 adults present at all meetings, for risk management and safety purposes.

How much does it cost?

It costs $20 annually to be a member of the Camp Fire USA. Financial Aid is available for anyone who qualifies for free or reduced lunch. Clubs will charge additional dues to cover the cost of running the club (anywhere from $2-10 per month). Clubs also do fundraisers including a Candy Sale to cover the cost of providing the club program.

What are the club levels?

Little Stars

Ages 3-5



K-2nd grade



3rd-5th grade



6th-8th grade




9th-12th grade


Are there uniforms?

Each age group has a different uniform, ranging from a red sash, to a blue vest and ceremonial gowns for our oldest club members. Youth typically wear their uniform with a white shirt and nice pants. There is aid available for those who cannot afford a vest.

How do I join or volunteer?

Contact our office and we will work to match you up with a club, or  help form a new club. Clubs are all led by adult volunteers who have been through our screening and training process. Without volunteers there are no clubs. If there is no club for you to join, the Club Administrator will suggest that you or someone you know form a club and become a leader.

What is the difference between Camp Fire, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts?

All three are great youth development organizations that stress character building and self-esteem. Camp Fire is family oriented – especially since boys and girls can be in the same club – and encourages parents to become leaders or assistant leaders.
Camp Fire program also allows more freedom and room for creativity. We encourage smaller clubs with an emphasis on individual attention. All program materials are very well organized, easy to follow and provide flexibility for the leader in finding each child’s spark and uncovering each young person’s unique interests. We help youth become the exceptional people they are destined to be.

How can I find out more information and/or get started?

Fill out the Club Interest Form (HERE) and we will get back to you with more information about clubs in your area.




Wohelo Award

The Wohelo Award is Camp Fire’s highest honor for teen community service and leadership. With the guidance of Camp Fire staff members and volunteers, teens around the country have taken on issues that most affect them and instituted lasting change.


National Youth Advisory Cabinet

Our National Youth Advisory Cabinet (YAC) ensures youth voice in policy and decision making that affects the entire Camp Fire Movement. In addition, YAC members serve as a strong voice for youth and teens everywhere—whether or not they’ve ever been a part of Camp Fire.

YAC members are selected annually through a highly competitive application and interview process. Teens who have been active in Camp Fire are strongly encouraged to apply. However, Camp Fire participation is not required. We seek high school and college students who represent the broad spectrum of young people committed to community service and leadership.

Our current YAC is comprised of 17 youth from around the country. The YAC Chair serves as a full voting member of the National Board of Trustees.

>Counselor-in-Training & Leader-in-Training

Our Camp Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program prepares young people aged 16 and older to serve in leadership roles at Camp Fire camps. CIT programs provide teens significant personal and early professional development opportunities.


For more information about our club programs click HERE. If you would like us to contact you about clubs, or you are interested in joining one fill out a Club Interest Form HERE


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