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Common Camp Questions

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If you can’t find a question that you have, please feel free to contact us.

How do I find or pay my account balance
To find or pay the balance on your campers account you can log into your online account Here.

What happens on the first day of camp - Drop off day?
Drop off is between 2-4pm. When you and your camper arrive at Camp Zanika for check in, you will first check with the main table where you may be asked to fill out any additional paperwork. Then you will check in at the camp store, checking your balance and receive your camp shirt, if ordered. After that you will meet with the camp nurses where you will go through any medications, discuss remaining concerns or allergies and be given a quick lice screening.

At this point one of our staff will assist you with taking your camper’s luggage to their assigned cabin, and introduce your to their counselor. You may help your camper set up their bunk. Once parents have said their goodbyes and all campers have arrived, cabin groups will then go to schedule their week, check-in with the nurse and do a swim check.

What happens on pick up day (Last day of camp)

Pick up is from 10-11 am, either Friday or Saturday. Campers and their luggage will be gathered in our dining room. Parents sign campers out with their counselor who is required to check photo ID, please be sure BOTH parents are on the Authorized pick up sheet, if they are not we will not allow the camper to leave with them. Counselors will also have a packet for each camper that includes a parent letter, award. Make sure to check that you get all your camper’s gear!

How do you hire or train your staff?

Camp counselors are carefully chosen for their maturity, and values. Staff is required to have gone through a leader in training and/or counselor in training program or have at least one to two years of college. All Staff members undergo an extensive 13-15 days of training prior to the camp season. This training emphasizing safety, child development and growth, group dynamics including facilitation where campers are encouraged to not only process feelings and behavior, but to resolve conflict, gain confidence develop a sense of belonging and skill in decision making. Reference checks, criminal history background checks, including national database for sex offenders, are completed on all staff and volunteers. The entire staff is certified in First Aid/CPR/AED  when help is delayed, all lifeguards are certified to supervise on open water activities.

Is transportation to and from camp provided?
Transportation to and from Camp Zanika is not provided.

What are the cancellation or refund policies?

All Deposits are non-refundable, no exceptions. Cancellations made through their Online Account, or by phone (509)-663-1609.

Deposits are only transferable to another session if space is available. Deposits may not be transferred to the balance of fees for another session in which another deposit has been made.

*Cancelations made by June 1st may receive a full refund minus the $100 deposit.

*Cancellations made less than 4 weeks before a session starts are not eligible for a refund.

*Payments are always transferable to a sibling or another Camp Fire NCW program within the same year if space is available.

*If your child leaves camp early due to illness or injury, the fees may be moved to a later session. If your child leaves camp early or arrives late due to homesickness, behavior issues, or for any other reason, there will be no refund.

*There is a $30 charge for checks not honored by your bank.

Can I visit camp ahead of time?
Camp Zanika has an annual Open House! If you are interested in attending our open house please call (509)663-1609 or email to arrange a tour!

Visitors are welcome during the spring and fall season, as long as the schedule permits. Please call or message us ahead of time as there may be a user group or wedding. Tours are not available during the summer sessions for the security of our campers. 

My child is coming to camp with their friend, can they be in the same cabin?
We allow campers to request two friends to join them in their cabin. To ensure the best experience for all campers in the cabin group and that campers will also have the opportunity to meet new friends, we allow each camper to list only two names as “cabinmate requests”, this includes new campers and/or campers who are away from home for the first time.

  • Request must be mutual, meaning both campers must request each other.
  • Cabinmates must be the same gender.
  • Cabinmates CANNOT be more than 2 years apart.
  • Cabinmate request of more than 2 or chains of friends requesting to be with each other may be separated

We strive to grant all cabinmate request but cannot make any promises, as age difference, camper ratios, and session availability limit our options.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

My camper takes daily medications, how will they be dispensed to my camper?
Many of our campers take daily medications. Our camp nurse and your child’s counselor will meet with you at check-in to go through the medication and discuss remaining concerns or allergies. Please bring your child’s medications in the original, prescription container(s) to check-in. The camp nurse is in charge of administering the medication to the child according to the schedule you provide.All medications, vitamins, and over the counter medicines must be turned in to the nurse during check-in, where they will be kept in a locked cabinet for the nurse to distribute. Medications that must be kept on hand must be checked by the nurse (inhalers, epi-pens), and may be kept with the camper’s counselor.

What kind of food does camp serve? What do you do if you get a picky eater? Do I need to send my child with food?
Camp Zanika serves a nutritious menu with a breakfast bar in the morning (cereal, yogurt, fruit), and salad bar available at lunch and dinner. All meals are prepared and cooked by our kitchen staff. Meals are served family style with an emphasis on table manners, social skills and healthy attitudes. Campers are encourage to try the kids friendly meals provided. If they still do not like what is being served, alternative choices are available. If you child requires special accommodations for their meals, you will be able to note those on your child’s medical form, and arrangements will be made.

How do session themes affect the activities?
Each session at Camp Zanika has a different theme which enhances the camp experience, keeping activities new throughout the summer and encouraging campers to expand their areas of interest. Weekly themes are incorporated into activities, all-camp activities, meals and more.
At Camp Zanika we want every camper to have the opportunity to participate in activities that interest them regardless of the weekly theme, each week we offer a variety of activities that are both theme center and non-theme related.

My camper is staying over the weekend (Extended Stay or LIT only), is there a way to do laundry?
Yes, we have washers and dryers, laundry soap is provided. These are the same washer and dryers that our staff use.

Can we send our camper mail?
Campers love to get letters, who doesn’t? Campers are permitted to receive letters and postcards that can be sent with 1-2 first class stamps.  We do not allow packages or oversize envelopes that require more than 2 first class stamps.

Please make sure to let your relatives and friends know not to send your camper a package while at camp, but encourage them to send letters and postcards. Camp Zanika is not responsible for any packages or letters that become lost in the mail or are never received. If there is something important such as glasses, clothing, or toiletry item that your child forgets you may contact the Camp Fire Office to arrange delivery.

Camp Address:
For Letters only
Camper Name & Cabin name
16400 Cedar Brae
Leavenworth, Wa 98826

Is Camp Zanika a nut free camp?
At Camp Zanika the safety and wellbeing of our campers is our top priority. As such we strive to be a nut free facility. Campers lives are worth more to us than a fondness for nut products. Please DO NOT BRING ANY NUT PRODUCTS; Trail mix, Peanut Butter, Granola bars, etc.). We also ask that any homemade treats be left at home as well.

What is my camper gets homesick?
If a child is homesick at camp, counselors will handle it with compassion. Our priority is to get kids engaged in activities they enjoy and making friends with their cabinmates. Homesickness is common at first, but usually goes away after a day or so.

For severe homesickness, we will call the parents for consultation. Phone calls between campers and parents can be arranged, but are not recommended, as they usually increase homesickness. If homesickness does not improve, or if the child is having trouble along with homesickness we may ask parents to pick their child up. If your child show physical illness symptoms due to homesickness, we will ask you to pick up your child.

What if there is a Forest Fire/Severe Weather near by or at camp?
Camp Zanika has extensive procedures for weather, fire and other natural/man-made emergencies, that have been developed and updated with the help of the National Forest Service along with other emergency agencies. Our staff receive thorough training on procedures, including practice drills. We are in constant contact with the National Forest Service, Sheriff’s office, Local Fire Department and other emergency services.

If there is any danger near camp parents will be contacted and the situation explained. We do ask that you do not call or drive to camp if there is a potential emergency. Phone lines need to be kept clear for emergency use and roads need to be available for emergency services.

Can Campers make phone calls?
The camp experience is a way for children to develop a greater sense of independence. Therefore, no phone is available for campers to routinely make or receive phone calls.

Use of the camp phone is allowed when campers have a significant need or problem. Camp staff will contact parents immediately if a camper has a problem. We do not encourage homesick campers to call home without our staff first calling parents to determine the best course of action. Parents who need to contact their child should call the camp office and set a time when your child can be near the phone.

Parents are asked to focus on encouraging their children to on having fun  and enjoying the new experience camp provides, often campers will become distracted, causing distractions for their cabinmates if they have been told that there is a phone available for their use.

*There is only one phone line into camp, it needs to be available for emergencies*

What if my camper has a problem with bed wetting?
If at any point during the week the bedding becomes soiled the bedding is washed and returned to campers discretely. Extra sleeping bags are on hand.

If you know ahead of time your camper may have an accident, please let us know so we can be better prepared.

Can my camper attend more than one session?
Campers are more than welcome to attend multiple sessions. Weekend stay for campers signed up for multiple session is not provided, our staff has only 24 hours off between sessions. With the exception of Extended Stay and the L.I.T program.


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