Each program level in the Camp Fire program teaches responsibility, decision making, and other valuable skills through a variety of projects centered around the five focus areas call Trails.  Trails are general areas of interest.

Trail to Knowing Me

Helps children learn relationship and communication skills and focuses on increasing self-knowledge

  • Learn more about self

  • Home Living skills

  • Learning to be confident and self-assured

  • Cultural awareness

Trail to Family and Community

Works to strengthen each child’s place in the family and community and focuses on leadership, service-learning projects and citizenship

  • Learning more about the family

  • Community awareness

  • Citizenship

  • Leadership

  • Service Learning

Trail to Creativity

Stimulates creativity and imagination through activities that involve visual arts, performing arts and creative writing.

  • Art

  • Music

  • Drama

  • Creative Writing

  • Dance

  • Inventiveness

Trail to the Environment

Helps youth understand and appreciate the natural world by providing activities on nature, environmental awareness and geography.

  • Nature/outdoor awareness: Plants, wildlife, earth, sky water

  • Caring for the environment

  • Nature Crafts

  • Outdoor living skills: Camping, hiking, orienteering, safety, outdoor cooking

Trail to the Future

Contains activities designed to develop mental and physical skills. Focuses on subjects such a sports, science and cooking.

  • Sports Business

  • Vocational exploration

  • Science

  • Games

  • Computer Skills

  • Communication



National Projects
Special activities that are not a part of the core curriculum but are also provided to leaders as additional options for club activities. Some of the most popular national projects are:

Celebrate Camp Fire!
Youth continue Camp Fire’s legacy by performing community service and educating the public about Camp Fire as well as having a birthday party for Camp Fire.

Project Contact
Youth becomes a pen pan and learns baout written correspondence.

Salute to Veterans
Youth learn what a veteran is and about the sacrifices people in the armed service make. Youth make Valentines for veterans, stationary for use by those currently oversees on active duty, and/or thank you notes for soldiers or veterans.

Youth learn the basic concepts of ecology while reconnecting with natural processes that govern life on earth.

Sales & Sense
Youth learn about salesmanship and marketing in connection with Camp Fire’s annual Candy Sale

A Gift of Peace
Youth explore what peace is, what a peacemaker is, how to be a peacemaker and what a world of peace can be.

National Art Competition
Each year this project focuses on a different art medium including fiber arts, photography, mixed media, etc. and includes meeting professional artist or seeing the art form used in the community.

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