Camp Fire has a rich history of working with youth and we have not strayed from the ideals set forth by our founders by providing a nurturing, constructive, and fun environment for young people to discover their sparks, the unique skills, passions, and interests.  Coupled with a program that encourages young ones to adopt a growth mindset. In Camp Fire, youth chart their own course to healthy habits, community leadership, and a connection to nature in collaboration with trained, caring adults.

Our Promise

Young People want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity

to find their spark,

lift their voice, and

discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

Light the Fire Within


As one of the nation’s leading youth development organizations, Camp Fire takes pride in its long-standing commitment to providing quality, all-inclusive programming for the communities it serves. Camp Fire’s Statement of Inclusion: Camp Fire works to realize the dignity and worth of each individual and to eliminate human barriers based on all assumptions that prejudge individuals. Designed and implemented to reduce sexual, racial, religious, and cultural stereotypes and to foster positive intercultural relationships, in Camp Fire, everyone is welcome.

Helping youth become who they want to be takes time and encouragement. It takes paying attention to what sparks a passion. At Camp Fire we help youth discover their spark.


Camp Fire

 North Central Washington Council

For over 90 years Camp Fire North Central Washington has provided quality programs to youth in Chelan, Douglas, Grant, and Okanogan Counties.  From the early days of Blue Birds and Camp Fire Girls, the organization has grown.  Since the 1970’s, Camp Fire has held programs for boys, girls, and all youth.   The programs include activities ranging from camping to school readiness.

Since it’s beginning the core program of Camp Fire North Central Washington has been the Traditional Club Program. The Traditional Club Program features volunteer leaders who meet with small groups of youth for informal educational experiences. Recognition awards, in the form of emblems and beads, are earned by completing program activities and service projects.

Camp Fire NCW operates Camp Zanika, which provides overnight summer camp, environmental education, and group rentals.

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