Camp Zanika is more than an unusual name, it is a truly unique camping experience.  Owned and Operated by the North Central Washington Council of Camp Fire, Camp Zanika is nestled on the shores of Lake Wenatchee some 25 miles from Leavenworth in the Washington Cascade Mountain Range, and lies within the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. Zanika’s Rustic log cabins, lodge, and other facilities all serve to provide summer campers and rental groups with a gorgeous backdrop to make memories that will last.



Camp Fire NCW council’s resident camp, Camp Zanika Lache, was established in 1932.  Camp Zanika is located on the south shore of Lake Wenatchee in the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness area.  At its founding, Camp Zanika was an all-girls camp focused on outdoor skills.  There were no permanent structures to speak of, and the campers stay in wall tents spread around the acreage.  

In 1933 Kiwanis lodge was the first building to be constructed.  What is now the staff retreat was originally the kitchen, and meals were served on a deck that extended over a fair portion of what is now Mermaid Beach.  Rotary cabin was the first cabin to be built in 1935 by the Wenatchee Rotary club.   At this time, both the materials to build Rotary and the campers themselves had to be brought in by boat because there was no road yet.


“I attended Camp Zanika for ten years of my childhood and young adulthood. I learned a great deal about community living, the great outdoors, and having a blast with others. The cabins are rustic, the lake is gorgeous, and the hiking and camping is great for building kids’ confidence.” – Laura A


Meaning & Symbol


Camp Zanika Lache means “Building for Health by the Lake.”  This is symbolized by tree, heart, thought, and lake.  The tree has two meanings.  First it represents strength or building, and secondly it represents the trees surrounding camp.  The heart stands for love and, together with thought, represents health.  The lake also has two meanings.  First it stands for Lake Wenatchee and secondly, it represents the eternal values of Zanika Lache.


Summer Camp

Since 1932 campers have been coming to Camp Zanika for safe unforgettable fun, meaningful life challenges, growth and positive relationships – surrounded by trees, mountains, stars, a beautiful lake and friends both new and old.

Camp Zanika Lache’s programs are based on the Camp Fire USA philosophy:  emphasis on small groups, individual attention, acceptance of differences and a loosely-structured child-centered approach. With focus on outdoor appreciation, democratic group living, non-competitive sports and games, skill development, respect, concern for others, fun and friendship. Camp Fire activities involve progression, for youth to experience new and different things that challenge them in new ways as they get older.


Camp Zanika is a proud, accredited member of the American Camping Association. This means we meet more than 300 nationally recognized camp industry standards to provide the safest experience for our campers.

Summer Camp Information 

Camp Zanika Summer Staff

For over 89 years our highly trained staff have placed emphasis on quality programming in a safe, healthy environment for all youth.  As an Accredited American Camp Association (ACA) Camp we voluntarily comply with more than 300 nationally recognized industry standards for camp programs and facilities.

Camp Fire believes in order for children to have a positive camping experience a well-trained, mature, enthusiastic staff is key. Camp staff are carefully chosen for their experience, values, and dedication to providing a fun summer experience for all youth in attendance.  All staff member undergo extensive  training immediately prior to the camp season. 

Reference checks and criminal history background checks, including national database for sex offenders, are completed on all staff and volunteers.  The entire staff is certified in First Aid/CPR/AED.  Some of our more experienced staff are trained in wilderness first aid, and our weekly camp nurse resides on site during their session and is available 24-hours a day. Camp fire is dedicated to provide a safe environment for both campers and staff.

Camp Zanika Lache is all-inclusive. Acceptance and participation in our programs is open to everyone regardless of race, religion, national origin, socioeconomic status, disability, sexual orientation or other aspect of diversity.

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Camp Zanika Alumni are a very special part of camp.  If you are a camper or staff member that has attended Camp Zanika in the past, we’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to share a little of your experience by using the link below.

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Without the help from donors and volunteers  we would not be able to provide quality programs and a wonderful summer camp experience to youth of all ages.

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