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Camper Paperwork

Camp Zanika requires all youth participating in our summer programs to complete these forms each year.
Required Camper Forms and Parent information sheets can either be mailed or emailed. Please contact us if you have not received them within a week.

There is a $1 per camper for paperwork sent by mail

Email Paperwork
Paperwork Mailing Address

Cabinmate Requests

We allow campers to request two friends to join them in their cabin. To ensure the best experience for all campers in the cabin group and that campers will also have the opportunity to meet new friends, we allow each camper to list only two names as "cabinmate requests", this includes new campers and/or campers who are away from home for the first time.
  • Request must be mutual, meaning both campers must request each other.
  • Cabinmates must be the same gender.
  • Cabinmates cannot be more than 2 years apart.
  • Cabinmate request of more than 2 or chains of friends requesting to be with each other may be separated. Each friend asking for a different friend
**We strive to grant all friend request but make no promises, as age difference, camper ratios, and session availability limit our options**

Session, Add-Ons, & Discounts

Payment Information

Registration information is checked before payment is processed. You will be contacted if there are any questions.
A $50 non-refundable deposit is required for all registrations. Deposit is deducted from fees.
Refunds cannot be made with notice less than 3 weeks before the start of a session or for youth leaving early.

Space in a session cannot be reserved until payment for deposit has been received.

Program Waiver

I give permission for my child’s picture to be used by Camp Fire USA. Use of such pictures may include, but is not limited to, brochures, videos and internet web sites promoting or reporting on the camp and the American Camp Association. I waive any claims which may arise from my child’s participation in Camp Fire activities. I understand that in case I cancel a camping program the deposit will not be refunded. (Parents are urged to contact the Camp Fire office for more information about the camping session in order to recognize the nature of the activity to which they are giving consent.) I understand that in order to provide a safe and cooperative group experience, a child may be dismissed from the program for reasons including behavior, illness / injury or homesickness. My child has permission to participate in all camping activities, including hiking out of camp, and be transported by camp for any camp activities away from camp property.


Questions, Comments, Information

If you have any questions, comments, or information you would like us to know about your camper. Please tell us below

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Within the next 3-4 business days you will receive a confirmation notice letting you know that the registration has been processed. If we have any questions, you will be contacted before the payment is processed.
Please make sure to check that contact information is correct.

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